Exploring the World of New Launch Condos in Singapore in 2023

Singapore’s real estate market continues to see strong demand for new launch condominiums in 2023. This presents lucrative investment opportunities for property buyers looking to purchase a new condo launch. Read on to learn more about exploring the World of New Launch Condos in Singapore in 2023 !

Purchasing a new launch condo in Singapore in 2023 can provide potential for significant capital appreciation. Brand new condos often come with attractive amenities, facilities, and design features that make them highly desirable. As a buyer, you can take advantage of introductory pricing and progressive payment schemes offered by developers. This article outlines key factors to consider when buying a new launch condo, financing options available, and research to conduct to make an informed decision aligned with your investment goals.

What Makes New Launch Condos Attractive to Buyers in Singapore?

New launch condominiums in Singapore tend to generate keen interest from property buyers for several reasons:

  • Location – New condo launches are often situated in convenient locations near reputable schools, entertainment, amenities, MRT stations and commercial hubs. Their addresses are highly sought after. A top location like Watten House in Bukit Timah which boost of being 1 km to Top Primary Schools is very important too.
  • Facilities – Developers invest heavily in equipping new projects with a wide range of luxury facilities and amenities like infinity pools, gyms, function rooms and more to attract buyers.
  • Design – Brand new condos feature innovative architectural and interior design geared towards optimal space utility and aesthetics. Units usually allow for efficient room layouts.
  • Developer reputation – Experienced developers with strong track records for quality projects attract buyers who value their brand name and construction standards.
  • Price – Introductory pricing and discounts offered for new launches enable buyers to enter the market at attractive valuations ahead of future price appreciation.
  • Payment schemes – Progressive payment schemes allow buyers to secure units early by making payments pegged to construction milestones rather than fully upfront.

These factors combine to make new launch condominiums highly appealing propositions that see enthusiastic take-up among buyers, both owner-occupiers and investors alike.

Exploring The World Of New Launch Condos In Singapore In 2023
Exploring the World of New Launch Condos in Singapore in 2023

What are the Differences Between New Launch and Resale Condos?

While both new and resale condos have their merits, there are some key differences:

  • Price per square foot – New launch condos typically command higher PSF prices given their new facilities, designs and developer brand associations.
  • Facilities – New developments invest in latest luxury amenities while older resale condos may have more dated facilities.
  • Renovations – Resale units may come with existing renovations while new launches provide blank canvases for buyers.
  • Depreciation – Brand new condos won’t face depreciation for a number of years while resale units have already experienced partial depreciation.
  • Choices – New launches offer buyers wider selections across different unit types while resale condo choice is limited to available listings.
  • Payment schemes – Progressive payment schemes are usually limited to new condo launches rather than resale units which require lump sum payments.
  • Timing – New launches may obtain Temporary Occupation Permit 2-3 years after purchase while resale units available almost immediately.

While resale condos may seem more affordable, new launches offer long term capital appreciation. Buyers should consider timeframe, budget and preferences when deciding.

Market data shows that demand has remained resilient for new condo launches in Singapore amid property curbs, rising interest rates and global economic uncertainty.

This demand is underpinned by factors like Singapore’s status as a safe haven, lack of new condo supply, steady HDB upgraders and foreign investment flows into real estate.

Most analysts expect robust interest in new launches to continue in 2023, with potential buyers attracted to unique development concepts, attractive locations and early pricing incentives during project launches.

Singapore’s property market prospects remain positive given population growth projections and its reputation as a transparent, stable real estate market in Asia. These trends bode well for new condo launches targeted at owner occupiers and investors alike.

Singapore imposes ABSD of up to 35% on the purchase price for foreign buyers and entities. The rates are lower for Singapore citizens and PRs buying second or subsequent properties.

ABSD is a key consideration when investing in a new condo launch and buyers need to factor this into their calculation of property holding costs. Most new condo developers are willing to shoulder the bulk of this tax burden to remain competitive.

Some ways to navigate ABSD include opting for a mortgage package with upfront ABSD payments included or working out ABSD payment schemes with developers. Seeking advice from accounting and tax specialists can help new condo buyers optimize their entry structure.

While ABSD adds to upfront costs, new condos often see capital appreciation that helps buyers recoup this over time. Discounts from developers also help keep net costs down. Evaluating projected returns from a new condo investment inclusive of ABSD is important.

Questions Home Buyers Should Ask About New Condo Launches

When evaluating new condominium launches in Singapore, some key questions savvy home buyers should be asking include:

  • What is the developer’s track record for timely completion and build quality?
  • What suite of amenities and facilities will be available within the development?
  • What types of unit layouts and sizes are on offer? Are there suitable options for my needs?
  • How attractive is the new condo location in terms of convenience and proximity to transport and schools?
  • When will construction be completed and handover take place? How does this align with my moving timeline?
  • Is the new condo appropriately priced relative to comparable market transactions?
  • What kind of early bird discounts or sales promotions come bundled with units?
  • What is the payment schedule like? Are there options for deferred payment schemes?
  • Does the developer offer to absorb any part of the ABSD? What is the net outlay after grants and rebates?

Doing thorough research and asking the right questions will help buyers make the most informed new condo purchasing decisions.

Useful Tips When Buying a New Launch Condo in Singapore

Purchasing a new launch condominium is exciting yet involves many factors to weigh as a buyer. Here are some tips to guide you:

  • Pre-plan your finances – Evaluate your budget, loan eligibility, ABSD implications and other costs well in advance.
  • Book early – Speak to sales agents and register your interest as early as possible to take advantage of promotions.
  • Study sales materials – Review floor plans, pricing, e-brochures and marketing materials to shortlist ideal units. Visit New Projects Web Site to get more information.
  • Attend previews – Sign up for condo preview invites to view showflats and sample facilities upfront.
  • Understand payment schemes – Opt for deferred or progressive payment schemes tied to construction milestones if available.
  • Engage a buyer’s agent – Work with a trusted agent who can provide objective advisory and negotiation assistance.
  • Scrutinize the S&P – Carefully study the fine print within the sales and purchase agreement before committing.
  • Plan for timeline changes – Build buffer time into your moving plans as construction delays may happen.
  • Consider resale potential – If investing, evaluate leasing demand and future resale prospects before purchasing.

Doing ample due diligence before opting for a new condo can help buyers make the most prudent decision.

Explore the Financing Options Available for New Launches

New condo launches in Singapore provide buyers with various financing options:

Mortgage Loans

Banks offer mortgage packages with competitive interest rates and schemes like deferred ABSD payments to attract borrowers. Mortgages allow buyers to finance up to 80% of the property price.

CPF Housing Grants

If eligible, first time buyers can use their CPF and housing grants from HDB to offset initial mortgage down payments for new condo purchases. This is mostly for cases like buying Executive Condos in Singapore, which remains a top money making adventure.

Developer Financing

Many developers now partner with banks to offer mortgage deals with preferential rates, smaller deposits, and absorption of ABSD costs as part of their sales package.

Progressive Payment

Instead of lump sum payments, buyers can pay by installments pegged to construction milestones. This eases upfront cash flow pressure.


Buyers who already own other properties can undertake refinancing or restructure existing loans to unlock funds for their new condo purchase.

Evaluating these options and crafting the optimal financing package based on one’s financials is key to purchasing a new launch condo smoothly.

Which New Launches Should I Consider in 2023?

Some highly anticipated new launch condos to consider in 2023 include:

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With attractive locations, amenities and accessibility, these new launch condos make promising investment options to consider.

Conduct Thorough Research Before Buying

Buying a new launch condo is a major investment that warrants careful research:

  • Review sales publications – Study floor plans, brochures, marketing materials in detail to understand project selling points.
  • Compare pricing – Evaluate prices against similar new launches and resale condos in the vicinity.
  • Visit showflats – Get a feel for layouts, design, sizes and furnishing specifications.
  • Understand timelines – Project construction delays are common – build buffer time into ownership plans.
  • Check URA caveats – Scan property transaction records to see indicative pricing data for the development.
  • Engage property agents – Experienced agents can advise objectively on a new launch’s investment merits.
  • Analyze leasing demand – For investment buyers, evaluate projected rental yields for the development.

Doing comprehensive research before committing to a new launch condo helps make a prudent purchasing decision aligned with your goals.

Key Takeaways When Exploring the World of New Launch Condos in Singapore in 2023

Purchasing new launch condominiums in Singapore can be rewarding when done right. Here are the key takeaways:

  • New condo launches often enjoy attractive take-up driven by their modern designs, amenities and accessible locations.
  • Buyers should weigh new condos versus resale options based on timeline, budget and investment objectives.
  • Demand for new launches looks positive for 2023 amid property market tailwinds. However, global economic uncertainty remains.
  • Understand ABSD implications and factor them into projected returns when investing in a new condo.
  • Ask the right questions about the development, location, specifications, timelines and financing to make informed decisions.
  • Explore mortgage packages and progressive payment schemes offered by developers to ease cash flow.
  • Conduct thorough research and depend on expert advice to avoid overpaying or buying an unsuitable new launch unit.

The new condo segment provides exciting options for property buyers in Singapore. By adopting the tips in this article, you can make optimal decisions suited to your needs and investment goals.

Have questions about purchasing a new launch condo in Singapore? Our licensed real estate brokers are ready to assist you. Drop us a message today to get started!

FAQ on Exploring the World of New Launch Condos in Singapore in 2023

Q: What is a new launch condo?

A: A new launch condo refers to a property development project that has recently been launched for sale. These condos are newly built and offer the latest amenities and facilities.

Q: What is the importance of the developer when considering a new launch condo?

A: The developer plays a crucial role in the quality and reputation of the new launch condo. It is important to research and choose a reputable developer with a track record of delivering high-quality and well-designed projects.

Q: What is capital appreciation?

A: Capital appreciation refers to the increase in the value of a property over time. Buying a new launch condo with the potential for capital appreciation can be a lucrative investment.

Q: What is the progressive payment scheme for new launch condos?

A: The progressive payment scheme is a payment plan offered by developers for new launch condos. Buyers pay the purchase price in installments tied to the construction progress of the property.

Q: Who are the potential buyers of new launch condos?

A: Potential buyers of new launch condos include both property buyers looking for a place to live and investors looking for a real estate investment with potential returns.

Q: What is the additional buyer’s stamp duty (ABSD)?

A: The additional buyer’s stamp duty (ABSD) is a tax imposed on property purchases in Singapore. It is important to factor in this cost when considering buying a new launch condo.

Q: How can a real estate agent help in the process of buying a new launch condo?

A: A good real estate agent can provide valuable assistance and guidance throughout the process of buying a new launch condo. They can help you navigate the market, review the terms and conditions, and make an informed decision.

Q: What factors should I consider when buying a new launch condo?

A: When buying a new launch condo, factors to consider include location, amenities, pricing, developer reputation, potential returns, and the progressive payment scheme.

Q: Are new launch condos a good investment?

A: New launch condos often come with the potential for capital appreciation and can be a lucrative real estate investment. However, it is important to carefully review the terms and conditions and assess the market demand for the property.

Q: What are the types of buyers for new launch condos?

A: The types of buyers for new launch condos include investors looking for rental income or potential capital appreciation, first-time property buyers, and those looking to upgrade from their existing properties.

Exploring The World Of New Launch Condos In Singapore In 2023
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