Lentor Hills Residences Floor Plans : Beautiful new condo

Lentor Hills Residences will start its preview on 24th June and the Booking Date is 8th July 2023 and we are pleased to present to you, the “Lentor Hills Residences Floor Plans”. The Lentor Hills Residences will be part of the upcoming changes to the Lentor area with its many GLS sites and upgrades to the environment as announced by Prime Minister of Singapore.

The Preview is almost here ! Contact us for viewing !!

Lentor Hills Residences Floor Plans
Lentor Hills Residences Floor Plans

Download Lentor Hills Residences Site Plan

A site plan for a condo is basically a map or a blueprint that shows the layout of the entire property where the condominium building(s) will be located. It’s like a bird’s-eye view of the development, showing where the buildings, parking areas, walkways, and landscaping will be located.

For potential buyers or investors, the site plan can provide a good idea of what the condo development will look like when it’s completed. It can help them understand how the buildings will be situated on the property, how much green space there will be, and where parking will be located.

In addition, the site plan can also be helpful for current condo owners, as it can show the location of amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, or common areas. This can be useful for planning social events or just getting a sense of the layout of the property.

Overall, a site plan is an important document that provides a clear visual representation of the development and can help buyers and investors make informed decisions.

So how does the site plan for Lentor Hills Residences look ?

Download Lentor Hills Residences Site Plan here  

Download Lentor Hills Residences Floor Plans

Are you keen to get the floor plans for Lentor Hills Residences ?

Here they are. Check out very well designed floor plans for Lentor Hills Residences.

Download Lentor Hills Residences floor plan here

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Artists Impression of the Lentor Hills Residences

In the meantime check out some beautiful artists impression of the new launch of Lentor Hills Residences.

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